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Nathalie on-air on "What's up with Kobylt and Friends." She talks about unique gifts from her shop for her and him and perfect hostess gifts.

California Apparel News - 11/18/2016

"What's Checking on West Third Street" by Alyson Bender

Store owner and designer Nathalie Seaver recognizes that while her store is not for the masses her timeless silhouettes and unique gift items including vegan-leather bags, hats with unique appliqués she adds herself and hand-painted silk neckties ($128) are what have contributed to her 18 years of success.

“I service an underserved market for women who want to be stylish but not necessarily trendy,” she said. “Style should be something that makes you feel good, not something you have to work at.”

All designs are French-inspired, print-heavy and “constantly inspired by the fluid styles of the 1930s,” Seaver said.

While she offers a mix of in-house-designed pieces and select private-label off-the-rack styles, customization is the core of her business.

“If someone walks in and is between sizes, I am always happy to create exactly what they want, in their measurements. Custom pieces for weddings—especially mother-of-the-bride—and award shows have always been the core of my business,” she said.

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